Our Shichirin Japanese BBQs are for yakatori (japanese kebabs) and other grills.

Did you know that the term 'hibachi' is actually the site of a Japanese home's central heating source - which is the past was normally their cooking source also. Hibachi has been incorrectly appropriated by some western cultures to refer to the actual Shichirin charcoal barbeques used for cooking, particularly those for cooking yakitori (alternatively spelt as yakatori). So we call them shichirin, and they're Japanese charcoal-fired grills. There's more to geek out about in the product descriptions.

We're still bringing in samples to test for durability, clean cooking, ease of use, safety and temperature control, so this range will change over time. We are looking at portable versions, and testing the longevity of the pottery and earth, before placing our Summer 21/22 commitments with the preferred manufacturers in Japan.