Authentic Diatomite Japanese Charcoal BBQ (Medium)

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This medium sized konro grill is made from diatomite. The open flame and cooking conditions using this natural earth creates the aromatic and delicious blend of barbecue flavors in grilled meat that is celebrated in Japanese Yakitori.

Many chefs believe that the grilling results from using diatomaceous earth, commonly known as diatomite, shichirin and konro grills are superior from meat cooked on any other heating device. Find out for yourself.

This konro grill comes in small, medium and large sizes.

Medium size: 54cm long x 23cm wide x 20cm high

Weight: 11kg (higher than normal shipping costs for this product)

Safety Instructions

  • Only use this BBQ outside
  • Binchotan charcoal releases minimal smoke, but cooking food, oil etc will release carbon monoxide which is lethal in indoor environments 
  • The base of the grill becomes extremely hot so it must be placed on a fireproof surface
  • Burning charcoal may release sparks that could travel to the area surrounding the grill so please cook with care
  • Barbeques become very hot. Keep out of the reach of children (and over-enthusiastic adults). Handle with care at all times.
  • Allow grill and barbecue to cool before cleaning
  • The grill top can be washed with dish detergent
  • The BBQ is made of natural earth so should NEVER become wet. It can be brushed clean when cool.
  • Never pour water in the grill as it can easily crack with the change in temperature and with moisture
  • Never move grill when hot
  • Transport carefully as this range can crack or break if mishandled
  • Store in a dry, well ventilated area – avoid damp storage
  • Small cracks will appear in the  diatomite earth after use as it heats and cools. This is normal and doesn't not affect the BBQ's performance.
  • Enjoy the quality of this traditional cooking technique.