Ceramic Charcoal Barbecue Shichirin

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Crafted of ceramic with stainless steel grill plate

These Japanese tabletop-style charcoal barbecue shichirin's are perfect for grilling yakitori and other skewered meats and vegetables, but please be careful to place it on a fire-proof surface before lighting.

This ceramic shichirin has a stainless steel grill plate, adjustable ventilation and is for outdoor use only. Use with sumi or binchotan charcoal briquettes (not included).

Its ceramic construction heats quickly and evenly. It features vents that allow for on-the-fly temperature adjustments. It's ideal for the outdoor home deck and shared cooking.

To clean, simply wipe the base clean with a damp cloth. Hand wash the grill plate and never pour water into grill. When the grill is completely cool, store in weather-proof area. Do not leave outside and do not expose to extreme humidity.

Be aware that the bottom of grill gets very hot during use so do not place on flammable material and don't douse with cold water after use!

Size: 12.7cm wide x 24.7 long x 14cm high