Anyone who has ever used one of Bob Kramer's kitchen knives, or a Masamoto masterpiece, will know the sheer joy of preparing food using these treasured tools.

But first, our story starts at home and mirrors many Kiwi kitchens. We have always enjoyed food preparation and in-home dining without being too elaborate. We pride ourselves on competent cooking.

However, our kitchen tools didn't reflect the simple pleasures of this artisanal art. The kitchen was filling up with plastics, electrical appliances, cluttered drawers overflowing with blunted knives, fancy gadgets and faddish wizardry.

We decided to start afresh. To discard an entire kitchen of middle-class 80's and 90's must-haves. To replace them carefully, choosing the most practical, durable, logical, simple tools that we needed and would use daily.

A pot. A pan. Two pans. A quality chefs knife. A fish slice. Over time, we tested, debated, trialled, never settled. We've now assembled a bevvy of the best. An armory. An arsenal. Every tool has a clear use. And has earned its place in our own kitchen.

Now our test kitchen is New Zealand's test kitchen. Our trusty tools, and other tools we trust, are now available on one site for you to question, to discard or decide to acquire yourself.

We'll keep testing and adding, as one does in any kitchen. We'll rank and rerank. Even discard if quality declines or technology advances. These are just our selections. We hope you'll give us feedback on your own observations.

Mostly we hope you enjoy the same refreshed love for the joy of cooking as we have experienced – that comes from casting out the myriad of kitchenware that's past its prime and done its time, and renewing your kitchen with practical, beautiful tools that simply do their job well.

Welcome to The Epic Kitchen. Please view our collections.