Gamekeeper Flakes of Sea Salt

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Our Gamekeeper Flakes of Sea Salt are created from the Marlborough sun and sea by local boutique producer, Gamekeeper Mushrooms, and finished in an age-old process of careful evaporation in a purpose-built evaporator. The result is a unique, flake-shaped salt crystal that will replace the old salt shaker in your kitchen.

Made from New Zealand's pure southern ocean, the flaking process come from careful and clever evaporation that creates pure flakes of sea salt (over 99.9% pure in fact), but with just enough moisture retention to deliver a superior saline sensation.

We package these crystals ourselves into compostable sustainable paper bags (made from sugarcane, trees and corn) with a natural starch window and sell them right here.

Best of all, every purchaser at The Epic Kitchen webstore for the rest of 2021 will receive a free 100gm bag of Gamekeeper Flakes of Sea Salt with their delivery, as thanks from us for your support.