Forschner Chef's Slotted Fish Turner

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It just a fish slice right?! No, this is the Swiss Army of fish slices. And if you're going to only get one, you may as well make sure it's the right one.

With a 6 inch blade that 3 inches wide, the Forschner (by Victorinox) Swiss Army Slotted Fish Turner is designed to lift delicate items, even fish, but really for turning anything in the pan.

It has the necessary features – a slotted structure that lets oil drain through and for the water to quickly dissipate when poaching fish. It's even got a hang tag for vertical storage, plus an ergonomic wooden handle that we really like.

It's our favourite so far ... and you know what. It's actually designed as a BBQ utensil, but so strong and dependable in the kitchen.

A word of caution on such a simple cooking utensil – the angle and curvature of these types of spatula are usually oriented for right-handers, but left-handed versions are available. We have a Lamson leftie option available on this site.